Why Call Us?

Proud to be a locally owned and operated Canadian company. We will respond quickly and will seal your foundation crack water tight... Guaranteed!

Attempting foundation or concrete repairs yourself may seem money smart - but be prepared to do it often! Remember as most things in life , you get what you pay for...


There are different ways to repair cracks; some last months, some last a few years in many cases the water finds its way through. We don't just seal we permanently repair the crack, with a high pressure polyurethane resin that completely fills the crack and remains flexible when cured. Most of our repairs come with a lifetime transferrable warranty.

A two part polyurethane resin injected under high pressure fills the entire foundation crack. Unlike epoxies our process can also be used when the crack is still wet, and face it most cracks are still holding moisture inside the foundation. Our guaranteed water proof repair remains flexible to allow for slight movements in your foundation without the crack opening again.

Our Secret...Preparation + Procedure + Product + Pressure = Permanent Repair

Preparation is vital, if there was water in your foundation there will be dirt in there too. No product will stick well to dirt, sand or mud. If the crack is not properly cleaned it does not matter what process or product you use as you will have an inferior repair. Our procedure involves drilling a series of holes every 6 -8" intervals along the run of the crack. Each access hole is 3/8" in diameter, set perpendicular to the run of the crack and angled at 45 degrees so that the drilled hole crosses the crack at the approximate center of the wall being treated thus ensuring the most effective distribution of sealant.

Injection ports are placed in each hole and a polyurethane resin with an expansion and drying activator is then injected at up to 6,800 PSI in the crack cavity. Using the injection ports the crack is filled from the center of the foundation out. Once excess resin begins to emerge from the visible crack face the crack cavity has been completely filled. The resin will then set and expand to 20 times its fluid volume ensuring the crack is sealed and water tight. Guaranteed!