We were super impressed with everything about our experience using Crackxperts. The free estimate was completed within 24 hours of first contact, and after we decided to go ahead with the fix Ron and his team were here the next day. Ron and his employees were incredibly courteous and professional - they even brought coffee in the morning! You can also tell that they take pride in their work and it shows in the quality of the finished product. We would not hesitate to recommend Crackxperts and will use them without a doubt for any future repairs.

Craig & Andrea, Fergus, ON

Crackxperts were amazing! Being a Realtor and assisting clients through a home purchase process there are many situations that can arise and finding a crack in a clients home is one of them. The Crackxperts were available right away to complete a quote and then worked around my clients schedule. They completed the job in a timely manner and where very professional. I would highly recommend The Crackxperts to all my clients. Thanks Lisa Gorgi

Team Gorgi - Guelph.

Crack X perts was instrumental in helping us close the sale of our house. Following a home inspection 2 cracks were identified by the inspector and we were left with only 3 days until the offer to purchase our home became null and void unless we professional had the cracks repaired. In comes crack X perts to save the day, many thanks to Ron, Trev and Bryan who permanently repaired the cracks with minimal disruption and gave the purchaser's of our home a life time warranty on the repair. Many thanks for your immediate response and excellent repair.

Cheers, Mike B. Waterloo

Other companies said we needed to excavate but crackxperts accomplished the repair of our foundation with out digging and saved us a small fortune. Their work came with a life time warranty and it was obvious that Ron and Brian enjoyed their jobs and working together. Thanks team Crackxperts.

Mike and Jen M. Guelph

Once Ron explained the high pressure injection system they use I was finally sold on how to repair our leaking basement. Thanks Ron

Martha and Eric Cambridge

Once Ron explained the high pressure injection system they use I was finally sold on how to repair our leaking basement. Thanks Ron

Martha and Eric Cambridge

Dear Crack Experts
Thank you for repairing the crack in our cold cellar prior to us listing our house for sale. We sold our house in 4 days for the full asking price and the purchasers home inspector made positive comments on your crack repair and asked us who did the repair, we passed on your name. Many thanks.

Rhonda and Dan C. - Guelph

The previously repaired vertical crack in our basement wall started leaking again and my wife and I chose Crackxperts to do the repair. We were very impressed by the innovative method they used in preparation of the crack surfaces and in filling the network of small cracks with a flexible sealing compound delivered under high hydraulic pressure. I observed the two technicians at all stages of the sealing process and was very impressed by the professional manner in which the work was performed.

Milan Placko P.Eng. (retired)London

I was very impressed with the professionalism and quality workmanship I received from CrackXperts. I obtained a quick, free estimate and professional advice that made it an easy choice to go with this company. Ron (Company Owner) was very personable and accommodating in working around my schedule and ensured that the job was done properly before he left. Just went through my first rain storm after the repair and NO MORE LEAKS! Great job CrackXperts! Thanks again!

Tony (Kitchener, ON)

This is to inform potential customers of CrackXperts concrete repair that the service and quality of work completed on our basement wall was excellent. Ron takes his time to do the job right and is very good at explaining what and why he does each step. A fine business man with a fine business. My wife and I are very pleased and would not hesitate to use CrackXperts in the future.

Guy and Ruth Ann Haskell. Guelph

When my contractor discovered a crack in my foundation, he hunted around for fairness and quality to address the issue. He shared with me a few companies he had contacted and said the CrackXperts seemed like the one I ought to go with. I trusted his judgement and 2 days later the CrackXperts arrived! They were very friendly, tidy, professional and guaranteed the work they did. It's a great peace of mind to know that my foundation is safe and secure and I can trust I will have a dry basement for years to come!

Stephanie - St. Agatha

After calling several crack repair companies, all with different repair solutions, I wasn't sure what to do.

1 call to Ron and the CrackXperts team and I was certain I had found the best solution!

My calls were returned promptly and all work was done in a timely and professional manner, without the need to dig outside.

With a lifetime warranty and no further leaks, I would highly recommend CrackXperts to anyone and already have!

John S, Guelph, Ontario