Where is the water in my basement coming from?

Typically basement leaks come from two areas. Either the water is leaking in from a crack in the foundation wall, or the water is being forced up from underneath the foundation, footing and or floor by hydrostatic pressure.

Do basement cracks have to be repaired from the Outside?

No, we provide injection technology that uses new technology materials to repair cracks from the inside the house. We can repair a crack that is leaking water right now.

Why have I never had leaks before but I have leaking now?

Basement cracks can leak at any time. Foundations and concrete continue to shrink and move even after many years. Some factors that contribute to leaks would include a great deal of rain fall in a short period of time, a spring thaw, water trapped on top of frost, and landscaping changes, improper grading around the building and downpipes that discharge too close to the foundation.

I can't find the leak in my finished basement?

With our experience we can almost always locate the source without removing any drywall. It is important that you know that once drywall gets wet, mold will grow quickly even if you don't see it. Wet drywall almost always has to be removed.

How much does it cost to repair my basement leak?

Cost will depend on the extent of the damage. We will provide a very competitive quote.

How much time does it take to repair a basement crack?

Our injection repairs from the inside take approximately 3 hours to complete.

What do you use to fix the basement crack from the inside?

Polyurethane, it is a flexible moisture resistant resin grout that when injected under high pressure expands and fills the crack completely.

If you cut and remove drywall, will you put it up again?

We are crack repair specialists and do not provide cosmetic wall repairs such as drywall and paneling. However we do have contacts with several reputable Renovators we could refer to you.

When are you available to fix our basement cracks and leaks?

Days, Afternoons, Nights & Weekends. We schedule to your needs.

I have a newer house does the builder have to fix my basement cracks?

A/ Non-structural cracks up to 6mm in width are only covered for 2 years by the builder and they only have to repair them if they are leaking. Builders typically repair these cracks as cheap as possible with little or no warranty as they only have to last until your new home is 2 years old. We can apply our Leakstop crack repair process to previously repaired cracks to provide the home owner piece of mind the crack is sealed for good.